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Being exposed to a multilingual environment from a young age is a great opportunity to master multiple languages, however, it can also be quite challenging for young children as they work to form their own identity. We believe that learning a second or third language can have a great impact on one's understanding of her/his own identity and the identity of others. It helps children better understand how the world functions.


And don't forget that speaking multiple languages gives a competitive advantage in the workforce, which can have an impact on the success of your child's future career!

Infant Class 

The Infant room provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for infants to explore throughout their day. We keep the room clean and safe for crawling infants by maintaining a shoe free environment. A variety of toys, songs, and hands on activities keep infants engaged throughout the day. 


Infant feeding is both a physical and social-emotional process. As infants grow older, they are encouraged to be as independent as possible when eating; plastic bibs are provided for them as this process can often be messy.

Naps are not scheduled, but instead infants can nap anytime they need to rest during the day. In addition, we will provide you with a “daily chart” indicating your child’s feeding, napping, diapering and play activities.


Toddler Class
All of the toddlers in our program enjoy an attentive environment created by teachers who are dedicated and loving. The toddler program includes an enriching curriculum focused on emotional growth as well as fine- and gross- motor development. It is a light-hearted and secure environment where songs, games, reading, and play abound.


Our Toddler Program is a fun place for toddlers to explore their five senses within the multilingual environment. Their daily routine includes a wide variety of hands-on activities, as well as music, stories, and interactive games.

Preschool Class

Our preschool children are given a wide variety of gross motor development activities. Preschool is a time when children come to discover their abilities, socially and intellectually. This is where all of the priorities of our center culminate in a multicultural, vibrant experience where kids can explore language, culture, literacy, math, and science prior to starting formal school.


Our Preschool curriculum includes circle time, story-time, self-esteem building activities like show and tell, and an art project everyday, as well as sensory, math and science projects throughout each week.


Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-K Program prepares children academically and socially for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. The Pre-K classes at our school are uniquely modeled to correspond with the curriculum and activities of Kindergarten, which makes us confident children will prosper in the next step of education.


Curriculum Includes: learning to tell time, understanding opposites, grouping, sequencing, left & right, sizes & ordering, equilibrium practice, days of the week, and writing practice. In addition, free play is encouraged to continue to develop independence and creativity. 



School age class

Our school age room is open before and after school throughout the school year. Our Normandy Park location provides transportation to  MarVista through a walking authorized bus stop provided to us by highline school district. We also provide transportation to Gregory Heights and North Hill in our registered childcare van, only driven by our teachers with a valid license. Our Burien location provides a walking transportation to a bus stop provided by highline district to Gregory heights. Our school age room is fully open and operating throughout breaks such as winter/spring break and summer. The school age classroom nurtures the young minds of the children in care while setting them up for success in their upcoming academic school year. 

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